Aid for early adaptation of collective antenna installations DTT

Adaptations in collective antenna installations of buildings



The process of releasing the digital dividend is necessary to make adjustments in collective antenna installations of buildings, to continue to receive the full range of channels… Continue reading

Countdown to 'reantenización »: day 26 channels starts dancing

Everyone should retune their TVs and many change antennas

Countdown to 'reantenización »: day 26 channels starts dancing

Day 10/10/2014 – 01.05h


The countdown for the implementation of the digital dividend. Within 20 days begin changes… Continue reading

The Government is expected to adopt the technical plan Friday Digital Dividend

The Cabinet is expected to approve expected Friday, proposed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Technical Digital Dividend plan for the deployment of the fourth generation of mobile telephony in Spain, according to have… Continue reading

The 'scary' Digital Dividend delay

Even the head of the Ministry of Industry, José Manuel Soria, has made it clear that for now "will continue taking much digital dividend". Clearly harass deadlines and the Ministry of Industry has maintained… Continue reading

It starts off of 4G


Although lagging behind our European partners, the ultrafast mobile Internet connections are about to reach España.Vodafone released Wednesday its 4G network, and Orange and Telstra will launch its fourth generation networks,… Continue reading

Ametic requires the government not to change the “rules” the 'digital dividend’


The technological employer criticizes the government acts “certain obscurantism”

The management of Information Technology and Communications, AMETIC, has sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister,… Continue reading

Filtering systems: advantages and disadvantages

Rejection filters LTE interfering signals can be performed using various technologies, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Among the most used technologies we can mention:
• LC: Using discrete components (The,… Continue reading

LTE digital radio test de soporte de software with 4 × 2 MIMO

Aeroflex has added support for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) 4× 2 series 7100 Digital Radio Test Set for testing tasks for R & D equipment user (EU) LTE.
4 × 2 MIMO is being taken to provide… Continue reading

Televisions Soria planted by the retuning of DTT

Las televisiones plantan a Soria por la resintonización de la TDT

Private televisions TDT, grouped into UTECA (Associated Commercial Television Union), they rose yesterday afternoon from the table of the Advisory Council of Telecommunications and Information Society (Cats), convened… Continue reading

IB3 cease to be in Catalunya


Jose Manuel Ruiz, Director of Public Television Balearic, announced yesterday, during the Control Committee on the Broadcasting of the Balearic Islands, IBsat closing its channel could be seen to date in Catalunya.… Continue reading