Alarm Systems

Systems Alarm without fees ideal for protecting an entire housing. Designed for flats and houses, can control every area of ​​your home and be confident that everything is working properly.

Check everything that happens in your home, office, second home, business etc.. Application for Smartphones, Total control from mobile phones and smartphones.

GSM wireless alarm with built Aurora Touch, can be controlled from any mobile phone or smartphone. Wherever you are always able to arm and disarm your alarm by sending an SMS or making a free call. E.g., if you are taking steps in the street or out of travel, you can manage your alarm and receive any notice the alert on your mobile phone.
The alarm Aurora has a G5 Touch Application for Smartphones both the AppStore and Google Play totally FREE to make it even easier and more intuitive to manage your alarm Aurora. Download application “G5 Alarm'' and control your alarm without complications.
No monthly ALARM
Its operating system is simple and effective. If a sensor is activated for whatever reason, called the alarm immediately and sends an SMS to your mobile phone informing you which sensor is tripped. All you need to start using your alarm system is a mobile card (SIM card) the prepaid contract with disabled PIN code. The discreet and elegant design allows you to place the system virtually anywhere, with the only requirement of GSM coverage.
Without phone line
Keep your home or business protected the 24 hours/365 days a year and comfortably manage the entire system through your phone mobile: Arm and disarm the alarm with a call at no cost to you (missed call) or send SMS codes to listen to a recorded voice message, add or change the contact numbers, assign or change the name of the registered wireless different zones in the central, etc…

Video Monitoring Alarm System
Latest newsThe Aurora kit S111135 is the alarm system and recording videosupervisión most complete and effective market. With wifi camera will see what happens in your home or business from anywhere in the world without wires. The alarm console fits perfectly into any environment and design of your home and is placed directly on the wall. Never miss everything that happens in your business even if you are traveling outside, check that everything is correctly…