Microrepetidores TV, Gap Fillers

A repeater is defined as a bidirectional RF amplifier for use in radio systems, to extend the coverage area of ​​the base station, or as a starting point in the span of a radio.

The repeater receives, amplifies and retransmits the signals, with or without frequency conversion, from a Base Station.

Multiplexor pasivo 2 UHF channels. DTT channel processors including UHF modulator. Amplifiers Gap-Filler drivers for DVB-T and TV Microrrepetidor. Amplifier 30 dBm (1 In). Transmodulator DVB-T to DVB-T Dual.
Gap Filler

Broadband power amplifiers, G.= 30 dB (300 mW).
Etapas de potencia de 300 mW.

Radiant UHFde 2 dipoles to Gap-Fill DVB-T.