Who We Are

Our home was in basic electronics and working in several companies involved in the world of electronics.

In 1987 create our first company with the name of Electro 92 dedicated to the telecommunications sector and also to repair Radio television in black and white, color television and home video, such as: 2000, Beta y VHS, in the latter type, was our specialty.

In all the years that we are dedicated to the repair of brown range were associated in Whistle.

Over the years we've seen different types of emissions and encryption systems (coded) both analog and digital satellite and terrestrial.

From DIGITAL TVC have had the opportunity to go playing different types of analog and digital broadcasts.

• TVE 1 analog channel 4 of the BI.
• Emissions utilizing band III (is currently used for DAB radio channels).
• Channel plus your typical decoder key piece of plastic and modulator.

• In May of the year 2000 came the first TV in Spain Freeview TV with lQuiero 16 thematic stations spread between channels 66/69. Had more of 200.000 subscribers. It was the first platform to bring the Internet to TV in Spain. I leave to issue the 20 June 2002.

• UHF channels also the famous digital switchover 30 March 2010.

• analog stations via Astra platform.
• Satellite coded. The 1 March 1993, Documanía Cinemanía and became the first two satellite television channels in Spanish, directed to the Spanish audience.

• And 1996 got digital television platforms Vía Digital, y Canal Satélite Digital (CSD) the latter being formed on 31 January 1997.
• It should be added last Starmax but this drive only a few months.

• Also for non-coverage sites DTT DTT-SAT exists as registered installers, some have installed.