The reantenización channel DTT cost 250 million


The process will be completed next 1 January 2015, as specified by the Minister of Industry, José Manuel Soria.

Controversy continues to surround the TDT. Now the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, will perform a migration process multichannel DTT to another frequency range, freeing of the radio spectrum. The aim is to allow phone companies offer their services 4G.
Soria resta importancia a que Cañete haga camapaña desde el Gobierno

The Minister Soria, in a file photo.– (EFE)
The Minister of Industry, has revealed the details of this process will be completed 1 January 2015 and cost 250 million for reantenizar and to watch TV in a different frequency than we have today.
As specified Soria, Channel transition leave eight channels, including three public (TVE two and one regional) five private television. Namely, spectrum space is left unallocated for competition and would, according to Minister, “it is normal to go five channels contest, four high-definition and one standard definition”.
Regarding the investment required to perform this migration, Soria said that the amount is lower than planned by the previous government that affected 15 million homes and the amount was 800 million. With the new plan, be less than five million homes affected and the cost would be around 250 million.

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