The 'scary' Digital Dividend delay

Even the head of the Ministry of Industry, José Manuel Soria, has made it clear that for now "will continue taking much digital dividend". Clearly harass deadlines and the Ministry of Industry has so far maintained a strong commitment to the Digital Dividend a reality before the next 1 January 2014. Currently in industry recognize that studying a new plan in this regard that should be adopted in the remainder of this year.

Javier Muñoz

Initial forecasts estimated that the Plan DTT reorder should be ready for this summer because the Digital Dividend approaches. While, telecom operators pressed and have definitely planned to launch its plans to launch its services based on 4G under that will occupy space in the radio spectrum.
But the moment the frequencies are occupied by DTT channels and do not know what will happen. About, the Minister José Manuel Soria recognizes that the goal must remain the same: "Releasing DTT frequencies soon".
However, the next step no one wants to give as it represents the eliminating channels digital television and audiovisual when groups are also pushing and positioned against.
Under the words of José Manuel Soria, the Government goes ahead with plans to remove nine channels DTT.
The target is made to comply with the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SETSI) because "circumstances have changed greatly after two judgments Supreme Court to rule that those awarded DTT channels contest 2010 were granted illegally, This changes the whole plan of the digital dividend which was expected ", Government sources say.
About the new Plan

The band 800 Mhz is the most efficient for DTT and Soria speaks now of a new Plan for the Digital Dividend when even specified that first plan setting out the future of digital television channels.
Any change the Digital Dividend Framework Plan shall comply with Supreme Court judgments which translates it except surprise, those nine DTT channels will disappear before the end of the year.
The telecommunications sector in general is doing very upset. The purpose Antonio Mateos, President of the National Federation of Telecommunications Installers (FENITEL), he represents in Parliament Advisory Board for Telecommunications and Information Society of the Ministry of State (SETSI) says “spent two years deceived the Digital Dividend”.
They are still waiting for solutions that fail and to be logical Mateos favor this process: "Releasing these frequencies, to implant the digital dividend, that continue issuing those who are up to Spain to serve the sentence and, after, auction is to remove and replace if you want.
And at that stage it is not appropriate that the user "Pay the piper for anyone, because just imagine the panorama before us if we have to go home and charge a client 20, 30, 40, 50 the 100 euros or whatever by remove programs television. You will not understand this ".

This situation of true uncertainty does not favor telecommunications companies and ultimately for Mateos "very guilty of closure the 19% sector companies it has the SETSI; and that is a thorn that we nailed ".

Abertis Movement

Meanwhile companies such as Abertis defend the right to spectrum audiovisual industry. So the CEO of Abertis Telecom, Tobias Martinez, states that it is compatible spectrum use by the audiovisual sector to telecommunications, and that new Mobile network Fourth generation must not harm the television.
All of this occasion to defend the need for efficient use of spectrum and has influenced trends share infrastructure that are occurring worldwide.
Martinez referring to the new Digital Dividend Plan will be released by the spectrum band 800 for fourth generation mobile telephony through the relocation of television also points out the legitimate firms and telecommunications and audiovisual defend each his own, but it says "we must live”.
The idea is that a sector should not be sacrificed at the expense of another and the audiovisual sector "doing his job". He noted also that this is not a race to after liberate Band 800 do with the 700 and the 600 and audiovisual and users who use television services have legitimate claims that must be respected.

Less DTT business

Precisely según massmedia Assistants, it considers that execution of the judgment requiring close between 9 and 17 private national DTT channels, moon change will hurt the business situation of installers and farbicantes as it will prevent costs initially planned reantenización.
Given the new situation, users do not have to retune your Freeview aerials because they believed could be change the current technical plans, to the point remove all new multiplex currently provided for these, finally, not "turn".
Not being required retrofitting headers receiving antennas, sector collective antenna installers and technicians Professional aerial installers lose an opportunity of reviving its greatly reduced activity and, like so many other, consequence of the economic crisis. Also will suffer the electronics industry related to the manufacture and installation of transmitters for digital television signals, to cease new light emission and multiple.
In this new framework, also considered by the same rule of law, everyone the channels DTT suppressed the effect of the judgment must again be exploited by individuals after the corresponding celebrare process open tender, transparent and non-discriminatory, necessarily, shall be convened within a timeframe rated, as required by European directives on the subject transposed in the Law 7/2010 of 30 March Audiovisual Communication.


Ametic industrial redevelopment plan calls for the technology sector

The president of the technological employer AMETIC, José Manuel Riva, has called for a re-industrialization plan of the technology sector and has complained of the lack of initiatives, in this sense, Spanish administration. And consider that this plan would be very necessary for electronics, the software servicios “we must do something more than what we are doing”. He also noted that the new body “hiperregulador”, National Commission Markets and Competition (CNMC) which integrate telecommunication regulator, “we fear that is so hyper and so great is going to slow down your operation and that is very serious right now” so he asked a transition to allow further progress in the important outstanding issues. In relation to the Spectrum release 800 for fourth generation services, Riva has indicated that they have no information on whether the Plan Digital Dividend will use the 1 January 2014 but right now the industry is convinced that there is no time. He explained that they have sent you a letter inquiring about the plan to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry asked to clarify the earlier plans as the industry has many ongoing projects and need certainty.

A plan made, an interrupted

The Plan release digital dividend began to realize the 2 June 2011, and since that time and there was a migration or "moving" of certain TV channels to new radio channels should occupy, which resulted in a reantenización, understood as the technical actions that professionals have to perform aerial installers in the headwaters of receiving antennas viewers collective, needed to capture the signal emitted by the television networks in the new radio channels to which they were forced to move.
The initial performances Framework Plan for the release of the digital dividend approved by the Council of Ministers dated 17/11/2011, was subsequently amended by the Plan to boost DTT and technological innovation simplify the liberalization process and reduce its cost, but being in the draft RD process by which approve the new National Technical Plan and would be allocated TDT new multiplex, cited occurred STS 22/11/2012, as paralyzed Richo RD. The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society would currently redesigning one new National Technical Plan of DTT which should be adopted in the remainder of this year.
And because already readapted in 2011 antennas to receive the signal from the multiplex MPE1, MPE2, MPE3, would not be necessary for the third time a new, "Preventing citizens endure again the fleeting costs and erratic technical plans on the subject that has been putting together the Ministry." It would only be necessary to perform a simple process to mode "simulcast"In which users only have to" retune ", free of charge, their TVs to have TV channels that were already seen in other multiplex. Namely, that if expectations are consumed with the new Technical Plan, users would receive the whole range of services that would remain after running the Judgment, with only a simple retune of their televisions during the stage of "simulcast" that, thus, podria limited to one month of the.


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