The Government is expected to adopt the technical plan Friday Digital Dividend

The Cabinet is expected to approve expected Friday, proposed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Technical Digital Dividend plan for the deployment of the fourth generation of mobile telephony in Spain, according to Europa Press reported sources familiar with the decision.
So, technical plan seeks release of Digital Dividend band of 800 Mhz, currently occupied by TV channels TDT, so as to be available for service 4G.
On Tuesday the Minister of Industry, José Manuel Soria, analyzed the technical plan with the regions during the Sectoral Conference on Telecommunications and Information Society. Thereby, in meeting the actions already underway exposed, how it will make the change of frequencies and how they are going to consist of communication actions that allow citizens an improved transition.
As reiterated on Tuesday, Soria had already advanced before the end of July present the technical plan that will allow the final release of this part of the radio spectrum, now occupied by television, that would bring 4G to smaller towns, provide greater geographic coverage and provide better quality inside buildings. At that time, said they had “very advanced” the plan and a delay attributed to the implementation of the Supreme Court that forced the closure of nine channels of TDT. The release spectrum for the deployment of 4G is a community mandate and must abide Spain from 1 January 2015.
Operators, who are currently deployed in Spain 4G in the side 1.800 MHz y 2.600 Mhz, and disbursed 1.300 million euros in order to have the side 800 Mhz. Industry also considering the possibility of launching a “parallel competition” for television parts wishing unused spectrum, while hopes the digital dividend seek enhanced deployment of HD channels “with minimal impact to viewers”, the minister explained.
The rearrangement of the spectrum would cost about 800 million that the previous Government undertook to assume more than 1.300 EUR million he collected from auctioning those frequencies between telcos, in fact, have already purchased that spectrum to develop 4G technology in Spain. However, Mariano Rajoy Executive ensures that you do not have the money because the previous Socialist government spent on deficit reduction.
The reorganization of the airwaves will also mean loss of one of the three multiplexes are there in Catalonia, which has generated controversy between the Government and the Government, Recalling that Catalonia has three multiplex against the two other autonomous multiplex, also lost one.
Europa Press

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