Countdown to 'reantenización »: day 26 channels starts dancing

Everyone should retune their TVs and many change antennas

Countdown to 'reantenización »: day 26 channels starts dancing

Day 10/10/2014 – 01.05h


The countdown for the implementation of the digital dividend. Within 20 days begin changing frequencies of several television channels and those households without resintonicen their devices from 26 this month cease to see some channels (and others appear 'misplaced'). This process required for all, which can be performed easily by using the remote control, a much more complex and expensive change that will have to be ready before adds 31 December: the reantenización over one million buildings dwelling (12,9 million households).


This process will subsidized by the Government, to give each community neighbors one support between 150 and 550 euros, multiplex function is necessary to migrate. Miguel Angel Argüelles, President Fenitel (Installers Federation Communications), considers that the aid is "very reasonable" and that the cost to be borne by the citizens' will be marginal ». "It depends on the situation of each antenna; many take advantage of the visit of technicians to make other improvements », Argüelles explains, but remember that the subsidy only covers the costs of the digital dividend, process that forces the chains to release the 800Hz frequency currently occupied for the development of 4G technology. Argüelles has acknowledged that deadlines are "demanding" and will be "an extraordinary challenge ' meet all the demands, so encourage people to call the aerial installers ASAP


While all these changes occur, TV operators broadcast on both frequencies (simulcast), despite the expense involved, for minimize the impact on the audience.


The Ministry will launch from the day 15 one advertising campaign media (with a cost of 4,3 million) reporting the steps. Also, offers users a web and mobile (954 307 796 and 901 2010 04) to view the questions that may arise. ABC used yesterday this help system and wizards Ministry explained the process the user properly, although they failed to detail the exact limits within which you must retune the TV in each region.

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