Aid for early adaptation of collective antenna installations DTT

Adaptations in collective antenna installations of buildings



The process of releasing the digital dividend is necessary to make adjustments in collective antenna installations of buildings, to continue to receive the full range of TV channels.

The government launched a program of aid to cover the costs of the reception or access the TV service residential buildings affected by the release of the digital dividend.


The aid is for communities of owners a building or group of buildings housing subject to horizontal property regime, and they had installed a communal aerial system based on single-channel or based on a programmable PBX system.

Only it may be requested subsidy for each community Owners.

Maximum amount of aid

Aid shall cover the investments and expenses directly related to the adjustments caused by the release of the digital dividend in the affected buildings, according to the master antenna system that the building had installed.

For those communities of owners who have an installed programmable unit and, therefore, not require the installation of additional equipment the maximum support provided is 100€ in all cases, regardless of the geographical area.

In communities with single-channel amplifiers, subsidy provided varies depending on the number of digital multiple affected, in each geographical area. The maximum amount of aid is as follows:

  • 1 múltiple digital:      150 €
  • 2 multiple digital: 250 €
  • 3 multiple digital: 350 €
  • 4 multiple digital: 450 €
  • 5 multiple digital: 550 €

On page can be found for each zip code, multiple digital number in the zone affected, and therefore the maximum amount of aid for facilities that were available single-channel systems.

The attached document lists the maximum number of digital multiple affected collected in each geographical area, as set out in the National Technical Plan for Digital Terrestrial Television.

The requested aid may not exceed the amount of expenses related to the digital dividend and as stated in the invoice, ni them maximum amount before señalados.

Recipients may choose any existing technology to the reception or access to television broadcasting services in the buildings affected by the release of the digital dividend, as ADSL, cable, satellite, DTT or any other technology.

Eligible for aid

The aid will be requested after completing the actions in buildings.

They only receive support communities of owners have installed a communal aerial system based on single-channel or a programmable unit.

The communities of owners NIF should have (H code) and be in possession of a bank account in your name where the amount of aid shall be paid.

Aid may be granted only to those actions taken by authorized installation companies inscribed in the registers of telecommunication installation companies, types in "A" or "F".

The list of registered installers can be found at or at the following web address Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. 

Application for aid

The application and management of aid will be made exclusively through internet.

Applications may be submitted once the call for aid is published. However the actions that will be performing before then may also request the assistance. It is important that owners' call and installation companies and the adjustments made to avoid loss of TV channels at the end of 2014. Later they may seek help and receive the subsidy.

Applications will be handled in order of presentation in the electronic management system to exhaustion of funds.

Applications may be submitted directly by the homeowners, or on his behalf by a representative, such as estate manager, or the installer itself that performs the adaptation.

In any case, the payment of the aid will be made in all cases where the account of the homeowners.

Documents to be submitted with the application

Billing, issued by the authorized installation company which carried out the adaptation., where clearly detailing, the expenses directly related with the process of release of Digital Dividend.

Installation Bulletin the installation company must deliver to the homeowners once the adaptation, detailing the types of existing facility in the building and the work done during the adjustment of the digital dividend.

Document proving the ownership of the bank account on behalf of the homeowners where income support is requested (copy of receipt domiciled, account ownership certificate,…).

It is important to have this documentation in electronic format (jpg, o pdf) presentarla to the Internet.

Affected buildings

Generally must make adaptations of their antenna systems residential buildings equipped with single-channel reception systems based programmable systems or PBXs. Generally these buildings systems used medium or large.

Buildings in the affected

Single family homes equipped with individual television antenna will not have to make adaptations in their antenna systems to have systems with broadband amplifiers capable of receiving all TV channels.

Las communities of owners with buildings equipped with systems for broadband amplifiers, similar to those of single-family homes, Nor should make adaptations. In general it is those smaller buildings or a small number of dwellings.

 Annex adaptation aid community antenna installations TDT[PDF] [136 KB]

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