Ametic requires the government not to change the “rules” the 'digital dividend’


The technological employer criticizes the government acts “certain obscurantism”

The management of Information Technology and Communications, AMETIC, has sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, showing their “concern” by the decision of the Executive “remove” the frequencies assigned to television and demanding that not changing the “game rules” the 'digital dividend’ part way through the damage that leads to the “future” electronics industry.
“The Government has taken a decision unilaterally, without consulting, whereby, as a result of the execution of the judgment of Supreme Court, annulling the allocation of a block of television channels, previous winner of the frequencies will be left without them and they will be lost, therefore, for the world of DTT”, explained De Riva told Europa Press.
In Riva has indicated that this industry, including, inter alia, technology producers, installers and companies involved in network deployment, faces a situation marked by the “uncertainty”. The head of Ametic explained to Europa Press that investments in the world of digital infrastructure require a “stable horizon” for planning and is a “bad news” for the sector.
Hence, from the employer's claim that the current distribution of multiplex between DTT and broadband fourth generation mobile telephony should not be altered by the possible effects of “administrative errors”, without the consent of the parties concerned.
In this sense, in March the government approved the execution of the judgment of the Supreme Court quashed the July agreement 2010 Council of Ministers, which was delivered a full multiple –with ability to issue four conventional channels– a Antena 3, Telecinco, Sogecable, Veo7, Net TV and La Sexta for not being in accordance with law.
About, last week the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, said the implementation of the judgment of the Supreme Court regarding the DTT channels allows consummate the Government's objective of advancing the 'digital dividend’ to January 2014.
Ametic President expressed his concern about the way in which the government is acting, that is not addressed to them “at any time”. “It is acting with a certain darkness and lack of transparency, we are concerned”, stressed the manager who pointed out that the only answer is that the Ministry have “Esperemos the announcement of Cats”.
“Once called by the Catsi, which is an advisory body, no binding, you get two days for alegues and then goes on to the State Council and then the Council of Ministers. We have grounds for believing that the decision is made and this is a procedure for form”, noted Ametic
For his part, the director general of the employers technological, Benigno Lacort, pointed out that the employers have a request “very concrete”: “ask that you keep the agreement reached in the Catsi last November on the digital dividend, not to harm any of the parties concerned”.
“We do not know who is going to do with those frequencies. The only effect of this decision is that disappears a multiplex, no liberalization of frequencies for mobile”, has qualified Lacort, who pointed out that there are already operators will deploy 4G services on other frequencies.
Specifically, Orange launch 4G services in six Spanish cities from 8 employing July, for now and until ready the 'digital dividend', frequencies 1.800 MHz y 2.600 MHz, while Telstra will do ten days in Madrid in 1.800 MHz.
“We have the one-sidedness of hypersector. No counterpose the mobile world and DTT”, has pointed. Lacort explained that, While in quantitative terms is “difficult” make a calculation, change of planning for the disappearance of this multiplex will affect a 12,5% Total revenue from this business.

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