Clarifying doubts about 4G


I've been swamped social networking concerns and confusion regarding the changes that this technology will be.



When profundad not know about a topic, speculation and myths or stories are created around. Since the time of spectrum allocation fourth generation(4G) I've been swamped social networking concerns and confusion regarding the changes it will involve technology in our mobile devices, in our pocket and quality of life.


Hence, I set the task of choosing, at random, some of the concerns that address the Colombians through various digital media: forums, blogs and social networks during the last days. And I share in this space some answers and clarifications.


Do I have to change my cell phone to connect to 4G speed?


In most cases, if. Only a handful of phones that can support this technology: iPhone 5, BlackBerry, z10, LG Optimus G, el Samsung Galaxy S4, el Nokia Lumia 92 and tablets generally work those USB modems and routers have Wi-Fi.


So those who wish to access 4G technology should purchase any of these new smartphones.


In my computer, Does the battery will be consumed faster or have heating problems?


Yes. As happens today, at higher data consumption, the battery discharges faster and the equipment may heat. Although 4G technology for less time we can use our smartphone to perform the same task, representing consumption saving processor usage and especially the screen.


What improvements has the 4G technology for 3G?


Mainly on the connection speed and latency. On the one hand, bandwidth increases (the amount of information we pass up or down in a second). On the other, reduces what is called latency: the time it takes to load web pages when you access.


If I buy a mobile phone abroad and want to purchase the 4G technology work?


The fourth generation will arrive in two bands, The AWS 2.5 MHz, must then take into account that the device you want to buy is compatible with the active spectrum bands in Colombia. Compatible equipment 1.700 MHz, 1.800 MHz on 2.100 MHz 4G can be activated in a band operator 4; and those who say that are compatible with 2.500 MHz on 2.600 MHz can work with operators working with band 7.


However, must take into account that not all phones work in all segments of the same band.


Does coverage is constant?


That depends on several factors, as the area where it is located. As with the 3G network, concrete walls or other objects may interfere with the electronic signal quality.


Is there a belief that the 4G consume much more data than 3G, true?


Not. The data vary depending on the content you see or unload. The speed increases only 4G. If we go to the same websites and videos, e.g., from the two separate networks, data consumption is exactly the same.


What band are located 4G operators in Colombia?


AWS: Tigo, Movistar, Avantel and ETB (Band 4)


2.500 MHz: Claro and UNE (Band 7)


What is the difference between AWS – band 4- and 2.5 MHz – band 7?


In the AWS band, Network antenna can be placed further away ie, requires fewer antennas to cover the same amount of land that the band 7. An antenna sends signal farther you cast in the band 4 if you do playing on the band 7. Also, as one of the bands used in the U.S., where there is a greater implementation of 4G, Most mobile devices are achieved, as tablets and smartphones.


As to the band 2.500 MHz, band 7, mounting the infrastructure is more expensive due to the antennas must be located at a shorter distance from each other. Also, the most popular phones are not available for this frequency.


What about tablets with the arrival of 4G?


Possibly these are the devices that can take better advantage of the mass of the 4G because they come with the possibility of connecting to WiFi and SIM, adding capacity for work tool.


Concerns, confusion and myths continue to emerge around the novelty of 4G mobile devices. Do not be between the desire to drop or change your cell, review their own needs and evaluate whether you actually "going to change life", if you are someone who enjoys the videos in High Definition Streaming, if is passionate about the multi-player video games, if you trust your personal and professional file to the cloud or requires a speed 10 times to navigate to that currently has, probably think it's worth paying more to get these benefits on your mobile device. If instead, you are someone who uses the phone to make calls, texting and chat, not receive the benefits that technology offers 4G


In any case, still have several months left to make this decision, have to wait for what trade deals, subsidies and promotions mobile operators are presented to win the final vote of the user and us, review various options and define, cold head, operator which, plan and equipment favors us according to our own needs.


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